Eastern Syriac :ܡܲܓܙܘܼܪܹܐ
Western Syriac :ܡܰܓܙܽܘܪܶܐ
Eastern phonetic :mag ' zu: ri
Category :verb
[Human → Speech]
English :to implicate , to involve deeply or unfavourably , to bring into intimate or indiscriminating connection , to involve , to imply , to inform against (someone) with the intention of causing injury or damage , to give to understand , to hint , to give a hint (to cause trouble to someone)
French :impliquer , faire impliquer , suggérer , laisser entendre , laisser supposer , insinuer , sous-entendre , signifier , parler à demi-mots (pour nuire à quelqu'un) , comporter (?)
Dialect :Urmiah