Eastern Syriac :ܠܓܩ
Western Syriac :ܠܓܩ
Eastern phonetic :' la: ge:q
Western phonetic :lo:ge:q
Category :root
[Moral life → Intelligence]
English :to reason , to infer (?) / to conclude (?) ;
French :raisonner , déduire ;
Dialect :Classical Syriac

Sokoloff ; this root is likely from a foreign source considering it appears similar in sound and meaning to "logic" and the Greek form "λογική" "logikí' which also means reason, speech ; Akkadian ṭēmu : will, reason / murqu / pakku : reason / wits

Sokoloff ; cette racine est vraisemblablement d'origine étrangère, vu qu'elle ressemble au grec "λογική" "logikí' qui signifie "raison", "discours" ; akkadien ṭēmu : la volonté, la raison / murqu / pakku : la raison / l'intellect